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Who wants to win some FREE hunting gear?!

With each issue of Earned – The DIY Journal we give away over $5,000 in products to our members!

Total value of products given away to date: $61,000

Total value of products in issue 11 giveaway: $5,200

Estimated value of products for Issue 12: $5,500

Time until next giveaway:

Issue 13 Winners:

– Vortex- Dustin L, AZ
– Rockwell- Ryan S, UT
– SkullHooker- Alfred B, UT
– SkullHooker- Paul B, AZ
– HexMag- Lance B, NM
– HexMag- Kasey R, UT
– HexMag- Casey R, MO
– PhoneSkope- Cory S, OR
– PhoneSkope- Jeremiah H, SD
– PhoneSkope- Brady B, UT
– PhoneSkope- Sakari O, CO
– OnXMaps- Damon P, OR
– OnXMaps- James W, MS
– OnXMaps- Matt C, OR
– Basemap- Jeff D, ID
– Basemap- Mike F, MN
– Basemap- Casey N, UT
– DIY Hunting Maps- John D, WY
– DIY Hunting Maps- Nick P, OH
– DIY Hunting Maps- Joel H, NY
– Earned Gear- Dustin M, WY
– LipZipZ- Rex W, MT
– LipZipZ- Lars D, MT
– LipZipZ- Steve G, CO

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